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The Benefits of Decluttering.

Decluttering definitely brings many benefits to your life from more space and money to feelings of control and calm. My top 7 benefits of decluttering are …

1.  More Space – mentally and physically

We need space:

  • for mental clarity in order to think. 
  • to work without being distracted by piles of clutter, especially now that many of us are working from home full time. 
  • to move around our homes safely without clutter obstructing our path. 

2. Think carefully…what’s important to you? 

Keep items that you really love, give you pleasure or use. 

3. Tastes Change

Decluttering helps you to see what you actually like now. A cluttered, disorganised  wardrobe may hang clothes that you once loved, but it’s unlikely that you still love everything.  A decluttered, carefully considered wardrobe or home makes you choose the items you love the most. Once you understand what you love, you can be more decisive and waste less time in the future.

4. Money SavingBuy less = spend less. 

5. Money Making 

Declutter your wardrobe and sell the clothes and accessories that you do not wear. You can do the same with unwanted household items and furniture. Having a clutter free home also makes it more desirable to potential buyers if you are selling. 

6. Easier Cleaning

Less clutter = less time cleaning. Moving endless items off surfaces adds to the time it takes to dust and clean, causing annoyance and frustration as many of us would prefer to be doing something more pleasurable.

7. Freedom 

If you want to move home, too many possessions can really hold you back. The more you own, the more emotionally tied you feel. Even if you are not moving home, owning less makes it so much easier to redecorate or rearrange room. Want to move a chair to the other side of the room? Not easy when the other side of the room is covered with clutter and the chair is overloaded with the clothes that don’t fit in your wardrobe! The best freedom of all is the freedom to think.  A decluttered, organised living space will give you this freedom. Afterall,  ‘A Tidy home = A Tidy Mind.