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Organise and Declutter your Hallway

Decluttering and organising the hall is a tricky one for most homes. The hall way is the first impression your visitors have of your home. It should be organised, clutter free and inviting. It should not be blocked by shoes nor a mountain of coats. But these are the very items we have lots of and we really need them nearby as we leave our homes. 

I have taken today’s photos in about 2 minutes! I’m trying to keep it real, to prove to you, once you find a system that works for you and your family, you only really need to organise it once. With a little patience and practical thinking you can organise and declutter your hall way quite quickly.

Organise shoes and coats

The shoe baskets under the seat (image above) belong to Chloe and Leila (2 of my three girls). They have a basket each so that they can grab their shoes quickly when we are leaving the house. Those of you with girls/children will know that nothing is ever quick and ‘I’m ready’, means, ‘I still need to run up and down the stairs several times before we actually leave!’ I do plan on painting the baskets a bright yellow, one day.

Hang kids coats, lower down for easy access. Their coats are in the downstairs cloakroom. I didn’t want coats hanging on the door as I didn’t want people sat on the loo with a face full of coats! I decided to put a coat hook that doubles up as a shelf. No one wants their shoes in the cloakroom because it’s cold, hence why my daily shoes are there!

My husband and I hang our most used coats in the hall (see image) but fortunately, it’s around a corner so you can’t see them when you open the front door. Tom and Bella keep their most used shoes there. I must admit, I do want to get neater shoe storage from there so I’m having a look. A Place For Everything  sells fantastic stackable shoes storage. (see image)






Organising jobs you can do straight away

  • Take coats that aren’t worn often out of the hall and store elsewhere, if you have space. If you don’t want them, donate them/sell them.
  • Sort through shoes and give away unwanted pairs. Only store the most worn shoes down stairs and put the other pairs in the bedroom wardrobe perhaps. Put wellingtons in the garage or another place as they as not used as often as shoes.
  • Think about how each family member can access their own belongings. Have you made it easy for them? This is particularly useful for little people who need low hooks.
  • Don’t forget hats, gloves and umbrellas. Sort and store gloves and hats in a box for easy access and perhaps buy an umbrella stand (if you have space) for umbrellas. Otherwise hang them up.
  • Keys – A designated place for keys so they are handy to grab as you leave the house is a good idea. Dont put them in plain view – put them in a tin or slightly hidden instead.
  • I store shopping bags (in a sealed box) in the hallway. I need them for when I rush out to the shops and don’t want to forget them. Furthermore, if I have put my boots on, I don’t want to go back to kitchen (with dirty shoes on) to get the bags.

Things to think about for later

When you are trying to organise and declutter your hallway, think about the whole space. A few clever pieces of storage can make all the difference.

  • If junkman is clogging up your entranceway, invest in a ‘no junkmail’ sign.
  • Have you got bags/boxes of stuff that are on their way to someone else. Store them in the garage instead.
  • Think about storage – baskets, hooks and pot boards all work well. have you got enough? Do you need new ones?
  • A console table (thin and narrow if space is an option) and a small stool or seating space is useful for sitting whilst putting on your shoes. If you have small children this will help them. Remember that the hall way should contain practical pieces of furniture so that  this space works for all members of the family. When you organise and declutter your hallway, always consider all members of the family including pets.

If you are looking for resources to help support your organising and decluttering visit our shops pages. You may find what you are looking for or indeed get ideas on what can help. We have three shops – an office shop, a wardrobe shop and a kitchen shop.

I provide a range of decluttering services from home staging before a house sale to hoarding clearance services depending on your needs. Please contact Helen at Clear Out Clutter by emailing: or text/call: 07962 275956.