"The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't"

Virtual Decluttering Service

The benefits of having an organised home are enormous. However, organising can be overwhelming if it does not come naturally to you. 

My goal is that you will save money because when you are reminded of what you own, you won’t go buying multiple copies of things that you already have. Once your belongings are organised in a system that works for you, you’ll know where to look when you need them. My Virtual Decluttering Service can be the perfect way to continue your organising without meeting face to face. 

How does Virtual Decluttering work?

Rather than me coming to visit you in your home to help you declutter and organise, you can have 1:1 coaching via video call (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc) or over the phone.

  • We’ll have an initial free 30 minute consultation to discuss what areas you need help with and what you’d like to achieve. If you feel comfortable doing so, it’s helpful if you walk me round your space highlighting problem areas or you can send photos, if you prefer.
  • If you decide to go ahead, we’ll schedule a video call. 
  • After the video call, I will send you an email with a detailed plan with the steps and tips needed to get you started. I will also suggest suitable storage solutions.   
  • We will arrange two further follow up calls so that I can check your progress, keep you motivated and on track. 


The Virtual Decluttering Package is £125.  

Is Virtual Decluttering and organising for you?

  • Would you like support and guidance to help you on your decluttering journey?
  • Would you like help with motivation and accountability?
  • Do you have limited hours in your day?
  • Are you on a tight budget? 
  • Do you live outside London or the UK? 
  • Would you prefer to communicate via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, phone or email rather than allowing a stranger in your home? 

If you’d like to have a free 30 minute consultation to discuss my virtual decluttering service, please email me sales@clearoutclutter.co.uk or call me on my mobile 0796 2275956 or my landline 020 86426504 

At Clear Out Clutter, I offer a wide range of organising services from help with moving home to office decluttering. A range of packages are available to suit most budgets and needs.

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Helen, thank you for helping me organise my kitchen. You were my other pair of eyes & guided me with some changes that I wouldn’t have thought of. Our kitchen is small but now feels more open as we have created more space by organising things in a more practical and useful way. You questioned me about things that I was never going to use, helping me make decisions about what I should keep/donate. I’ve taken your advice and removed the corner shelving, that I never liked anyway! It looks so much better. I’m going to buy a plant and put in place of the shelf, as you suggested. I love how practical you are. It’s amazing what changes can be created with little tweaks and creatively. I had some storage items but you helped me utilise their effectiveness and I’ve not had to buy anything new. I’ve painted the back room and am going to buy the storage system you suggested as it’ll make the room more functional and clutter free! I feel less stressed already. Helen, I really enjoyed working with you, it was fun doing our VIRTUAL SESSION and you guided me perfectly. I definitely recommend anyone to use Helen’s VIRTUAL service. It was brilliant!
Carshalton Beeches