"I could not be more delighted with the professional service offered"

Hoarding Clearance Service

Hoarding and Compulsive Hoarding are often referred to as an excessive and problematic form of collecting. Many people save and collect things. It can be totally normal to collect but for some it becomes excessive and out of control. If you would like help sorting your possessions, I can offer a helping hand? My hoarding clearance service will help you in a sensitive and patient way to sort through your belongings and create more living space in your home..

There are potentially over 1.2 million people in the UK that are considered ‘hoarders’.

Symptoms of hoarding may include …

  • Finding it difficult to get rid of, or part with possessions, immaterial of the value others may give to them.
  • The individual will experience a strong desire to save items and feel distress when getting rid of items. These items fill up and clutter the home or workplace to such an  extent that a kitchen can’t be used to cook in or sleep in the bedroom.
  • Symptoms may also be accompanied by excessive collecting, buying or sometimes stealing of items that are not needed or for which there is no space to put them.
  • Some sufferers will have a good understanding of why they began hoarding and recognise that they need help. Others will be convinced that their hoarding is normal and won’t seek help, causing distress to family and friends. Councils may be forced to intervene when possessions become more visible in areas, such as gardens and porches because neighbours can become affected.
  • It may be useful to use the ‘Clutter Image Rating’ tool where you will be shown pictures of clutter and you can choose which ones match your situation.
    You can download a copy from www.hoardingdisordersuk.org or www.helpforhoarders.co.uk.

If you need help dealing with your hoarding, I offer a hoarding clearance service to help you to sort through your belongings so that you can create more living space in your home. If you feel that you need specialist support and advice, Help For Hoarders and the NHS are good starting points. At Clear Out Clutter, I offer a wide range of organising services from help with moving home to office decluttering. A range of packages are available to suit most budgets and needs.

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs


Awesome job! Downstairs now clutter free and an actual living room and upstairs all 3 little ones have their toys neat and tidy. Thank you so much xxx
I could not be more delighted with the professional service offered by ‘Clear Out Clutter’. Helen took time to understand what was required then offered advice and expertise. A room overloaded with junk has now become a guest room / play room. Not only did she research storage solutions for me but also did all the construction of flatpack storage and gave the whole room a new lease of life.
Highly recommend this service! Our living room aka the playroom had been in a state for a while and I could never find the time or energy to sort it out around work and the kids. Helen worked really quickly and efficiently, and then moved on to our kitchen cupboards which were also long overdue a clear out! I really feel like a weight has been lifted and like I have renewed focus to tackle other areas of the house now. Thank you!
Helen is lovely and excellent at what she does. Our kitchen feels like a new one after she cleared our clutter! She is coming back tomorrow to tackle our daughter’s bedroom. Can’t wait! Highly Recommend xx
Wocester park
Helen is my lifesaver. I’m heavily pregnant and her muscles and eagerness to help were evident! My boys room looks fantastic, as well as my living room is back to being a living room, not a toy showroom! Fab 5*
I have used Helen on a number of occasions to clear out a spare room and a garage and was delighted with the results. She is very friendly and hard working. She clears whole spaces in an hour leaving not only your room decluttered but your mind!
Amazing lady, fantastic service. Thank you so much.
Brilliant approach to family/house clutter – practical, pragmatic and forward looking! I’ve already booked my next session and planning to tackle a few drawers in the meantime. Very recommended!